Strange Days indeed at the The Slipper Room on Oct 12, 2023

Handsome Brad and Cherry Pitz Presents 
A Hotsy Totsy Burlesque Tribute to Stranger Things
The Slipper Room 
167 Orchard Street, NYC 
Thursday October 12, 2023 
Admission: $25 pre-sold reserved seating 
For tickets go to:  /
Doors 7:30 / Show at 8:00 
Sorry, The Slipper Room is 21+ 


"I haven't laughed so hard in ages." -- London Times. 

 Teenagers Cherry Pitz and Handsome Brad have just met as they are both exchange students at Hawkins High School. The struggles the community is facing bond them together with one shared goal: to unite everybody, young and old, in the ongoing fight against monsters! And clothing, And good taste. 

                 Hosts: Handsome Brad & Cherry Pitz  

                  Special Guest: Andy Ross  

                 Acts: Esme D'Avril, Miranda Raven, Jennifer Kovacs, Persé Fanny, Rosie Tulips & Brief Sweat Gogo: Bitsy Brulee  

                 Kitten: Bimini Cricket 

Back by popular demand, Hotsy Totsy Burlesque once again pays tribute to the critically acclaimed horror series Stranger Things. Set in the 1980s and created by The Duffer Brothers, the show celebrates 1980s films and horror classics, drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, David Lynch, Stephen King, Wes Craven, and H. P. Lovecraft. 

With a soundtrack filled with 80’s classics, Stranger Things lends itself perfectly to a burlesque tribute. 

This year, Hotsy Totsy turns 16. Our first show was staged in New York in April of 2007, and it's been a fabulous ride! We have consistently played to sold-out shows, and our dedicated fans enthusiastically follow the soap opera that is Hotsy Totsy, declaring after each performance, "That was the best show you folks have ever done!" As performers and writers, we have grown as a troupe and as friends, and we are excited for next year when we enter our 17th year of paying tribute to our favorite movies and TV shows with rhinestones, glitter, and flying underpants. 

Every month, you are invited to The Home for Wayward Girls and Fallen Women. The residents of the home need money to keep their hotel open and to buy G-strings and glitter. Sadly, the shows have had their technical difficulties, and in the past, they have had to combat Daleks, Darth Vader, The Borg, Zombies, The Ghost of Vincent Price, Network Censors, Evil from other dimensions, and most recently, Covid-19. But onward we press, and the house mother, Cherry Pitz, along with her faithful consort, Handsome Brad, promises you beautiful, clothing-averse nerds, lots of laughs, spinning tassels, and fun! 

So, join us for Hotsy Totsy Burlesque at The Home for Wayward Girls and Fallen Women, where the motto is "We've fallen, we can't get up, and we like it that way!"