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Hotsy Totsy Burlesque: Press

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As fan of hip hop at its purest, I love to see genuine artistry, lyricism, charisma and independent spirit - something Schaffer has.
Tim Hammer - LAist (Nov, 2007)
STD, as he's called, is the coolest dork yet.
Denver Westworld (Dec, 2005)
Think of Schaffer as a cross between Eminem and the evil mirror universe version of They Might Be Giants, with a healthy dose of twisted, dark humor and catchy rhythms.
North Carolina Relish Now (Nov, 2005)
It should be noted that musically, STD comes correct: his beats, samples, and flow pass the test even without the clone sex, cats, and vengeful zombie Jesus Christs. The man deserves a plaque.
Mike Alexis - San Francisco Bay Guardian (Jun, 2005)
Schaffer the Darklord merges geeky rap and stand-up comedy without descending into too much wackiness or self-parody.
The Onion (Oct, 2005)